To really Go Green…Dual Monitors are a MUST for Many!

Data entry clerks, folks with lots of email, multi-taskers, you name it…we are all trying to do more than one thing at a time. This always works best when you have the proper tools.
Dual monitors are an extension of your physical desk. You see, you need a lot of desktop space on your wooden (or metal or plastic) desk to stay organized and on point. Dual monitors, though they take up physical desk space, provide you with virtual desk space! Going green, to many, means going paperless. That can be hard to do if you have nowhere to view the electronic forms/documents that used to be printed on paper.

I’ve met my share of computer users that swore they didn’t need that second monitor. After visiting a month or more later…I couldn’t remove that second monitor if I wanted to.

If you have data entry personnel trying to transition to paperless, be sure you give them the tools to ensure success.