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Q: Is Deni Beale under a non-compete agreement?

A: No, Deni is not bound by a post-employment non-compete agreement.  She is free to work with whomever she wishes.

Q: Does working with Deni B Help Me, LLC replace maintenance agreements or general service agreements with current third party software providers?

A: No, in fact, working with Deni B Help Me, LLC will compliment your current maintenance/service agreements not replace them.  Where the third party vendor stops, Deni B Help Me, LLC picks up.

Q: How many employees work at Deni B Help Me, LLC?

A: One, Deni B, herself! She occasionally works with sub-contractors but for now, just one.

Q: What’s with the cargo ship and tugboat on your website?

A: Well, it all started with a text from Andrea H. and lunch at Lizard’s Thicket in Irmo, SC.  Andrea wished us “Full steam ahead” and we said, “steam ahead…wouldn’t it be cool if you had a picture of a tugboat pulling a cargo ship or something?”  We discussed and concluded, no matter how big and powerful you are, everyone needs help from time-to-time.  Airplanes need that little cart to push them back from the gates and big ships need tugboats to guide them through port.  So, after shopping online, we found the perfect image! (We hope you agree.)