Ways We Can Help

I have never had a client tell me that they have plenty of time, enough resources, and no tasks awaiting action!  More times than not, I have heard “Deni, I feel like I am drowning!”

Well, “drown” no more!  Now, there’s someone you can trust, that has the experience, knowledge and the skill set to help you get these things done!


What Services are offered by Deni B Help Me, LLC?

  • Project Management: Did you purchase a new software package but really don’t have the time or staff to manage the installation? I can represent your team, manage the project, be the designated trainee (train-the-trainer), etc.
  • Business Process Analysis: Are you operating as efficiently as possible? Are you maximizing the resources at your disposal? Are you leveraging ALL of your resources in the best possible manner? As your Business Analyst, I can be that neutral observer that can help you discover ways to help better utilize current resources and suggest methods of addressing identified challenges.  This would also include routine follow-up and process adjustments as needed.
  • Calculators: The calculations required to determine a new employee’s salary, a departing employee’s pay out, a Payroll Garnishment Amount, Blended Overtime, or a teacher’s mid-year upgrade can be very time consuming and accuracy is a must!  We can create a plug -and-play calculator for each of these scenarios and more, customized to your needs (State Base, Local Supplement, Classified Schedule, etc.)  We can help you save time and ensure accuracy “on-the-fly” and be there with annual maintenance to keep your calculations up-to-date.
  • Day-to-day Software System Administration: Enterprise Resource Planning (Accounting/Human Resource Management software), Document Management System, Student Information System, etc. I can be your on-call help desk, routinely monitor your system(s), provide you with routine status reports, alert you to any system issues, manage users, etc.
  • Software Security Administration:  Are you struggling with Security Setup and Maintenance?  Are you struggling to find a way to Improve Internal Controls and finally get the Separation of Duties auditors are looking for?   Help can be just an email away.
  • Consulting: Not sure how to evaluate software products during the RFP process? Need help determining best practices with existing technology & available staff?  Expert advice is just a call away.
  • Training: From basic computer skills to Microsoft Office applications to business processes, you now have someone to call upon to conduct onsite/remote training customized to your audience.
  • Documentation: Do you have procedures you need documented? How about a user training guide?  Customized checklists, procedures, etc. are available in both written (PDF) and electronic (YouTube-type) video formats.
  • Scanning & Indexing (Record Conversion): Do you have paper documents you need imaged and indexed for import into your Document Management System?  Have an experienced and trusted representative convert your records and assist you with data (indices) preparations.
  • E-form Design & Implementation:  Do you have Doc e Fill or Etrieve?  Do you have paper forms that you would like to turn into e-forms?   Transitioning from paper to an e-form involves a good deal of thought.  I can help you design and implement the ideal e-form to meet your needs. 
  • Miscellaneous Services: Do you need assistance in other areas? I would be happy to help upon agreement of additional services requested.